Waikoloa Street Tiki Glass

Type: Drinking Accessories

Size/Volume: 15 oz

Country Of Orgin: US

Brand: Waikoloa Street

Strength: -

Price: 29.67 £

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Are you fond of drinking Pina Colada? Or perhaps you own a bar and offer tropical bar drinks from time to time. Either way, there is absolutely fun in drinking or serving your favorite drink in a classy glass. This is exactly what the Waikoloa Street Tiki Glass offers.

The 15 oz. cocktail mug comes with qualities you can ever ask of from a barware glass.

Features To Look At Waikoloa Street Tiki Glass

  • Superb Durability – The Waikoloa Street Tiki Glass is nothing close to ordinary. Not only is it made extra durable, but it is also a thick, lead-free crystal glass. Unlike those ceramic tiki mugs you often see on the market, this is a much stronger and better looking one. In fact, using the word durable here is an understatement. With its professional quality, you can rest assured it can hold up to any restaurant-related use.
  • Top-Notch Design – The cocktail mug comes with a brilliant, shiny design. You can definitely add an extra pinch of class to your serving. If you have a home bar, you cannot simply resist its unmatched glass quality. Mind you, the design itself has a smile and frown features, each of which is beautifully embedded on each side.
  • That Island Feel – Perhaps its strongest attribute is the “island feel” it offers. Who needs to go to an island to enjoy the setting with some drinks when you can enjoy it within the four corners of your home? It is like drinking from it to drift off to Waikiki. And the best part of it all? You do it in the Polynesian style.

Should You Buy It?

There is a lot of reason why you would want to buy a new set of barware glasses. For starters, you have a planned family event, and most family members are into drinking. Also, you want to host an island-themed part with your officemates after being promoted; hence, you want to make everything as perfect as possible.

It holds true that you can another alternative for The Waikoloa Street Tiki Glass. But if you want something that is both affordable and professional-looking – while setting a fun vibe – it is definitely a worthy investment.

So whether you have an upcoming island-themed even or you simply want to have a cocktail party with your friends, the Waikoloa Street Tiki Glass will never let you down. You and your buddies can certainly enjoy a sip of your favorite tropical drink out of it – but with more of that “island feel” vibe.

If you are ready to give it a try, you can check it out here.