Sheridan Liqueur Black & White

Type: Coffee Layered Liqueur

Size/Volume: 50cl

Country Of Orgin: Ireland

Brand: Sheridan's

Strength: 15.5%

Price: 21.05 £

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Sheridan liqueur was an instant hit when it was launched in 1994. The unique blend of coffee, whiskey and white milk chocolate with the flavor of nut became very popular among the connoisseurs of liqueur.

People were inspired by this new product because of its uniqueness in taste, appearance and of course the fused together glass container.

Manufacturers’ claim that the reason for its special taste is that the white chocolate cream is made from the milk of Irish cows and they claim that no other milk can taste as much as Irish cows as they eat the tastiest grass in the world.

Liqueurs have always fascinated the mild consumers of alcohol.

They prefer them with more sweet and in fine flavors.

Sheridan liqueur is famous for its unique fused together bottle with two chambers. One containing black liqueur with whiskey and coffee flavor and the other chamber contains milky chocolate.

Together they are a treat to watch with the white cream on top of the black liqueur resembling Irish coffee.

A flavored alcoholic beverage is known by the name Liqueur.

Alcohols are available in various colors and containers.

You will get them in flavor of fruits, herbs spices and mixing chocolate is the latest trend. Usually, the alcoholic contents are less in Liqueur and you will have more sugar added to it.

They come in bottles and containers of different fascinating shapes.

There is one Liqueur that is unique in shape and flavor. Sheridan’s Liqueur stands out because of its unique bottle shape and unmatched flavor.

It was first manufactured by Tomas Sheridan & Sons at Dublin, IE.

It is very popular among the people who enjoy liqueur.

Specialty of Sheridan Liqueur

The shape of the bottle is highly interesting. It has two separate sections.

There is a glass partition in between these two sections. One of the sections will have a black colored liquid and the other section has milky white solution.

The liqueur with black color has whiskey and coffee flavor and the section with white solution has chocolate flavor.

The black liqueur is poured first into a cup and it will be topped up white solution, giving it a look of Irish coffee.

It was first manufactured in the year 1994 and has become one of the all-time favorites among liqueurs.

Sheridan Liqueur is a visual treat both in the shelf and in the glass. The unique aroma of vanilla, chocolate, whiskey and coffee is simply stunning.

The product is owned by Gilbey’s and it is the same group that owns another famous liqueur Baileys.

White liqueur of Sheridan liqueur has the richness of white chocolate and the black with that of coffee and whiskey.

Together they have a nutty chocolaty finish. The users of Sheridan’s have compared it with that great Italian cake and dessert and call this as liquid tiramisu.

Ireland is famous for its whiskey and it is the home of some of the finest distilleries in the world.

The perfect combination of Irish milk with That Gaelic Whiskey from “water of life” and the unique flavor of coffee make Sheridan liqueur one of the all-time favorites.

The manufacturer is not offering the liqueur for distribution. 

There are online shops that sell this unique product and orders can be placed with them. Those who are desirous of buying this product online may contact .

They have listed this product as top seller among the alcohols in their website.