Mackinlay’s Shackleton Blend Scotch Whisky

Type: Blended Scotch Whisky

Size/Volume: 700 ml

Country Of Orgin: Scotland

Brand: Regionale Edeldistillen

Strength: 40 % Vol

Price: 52.10 £

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Shackleton Blend Scotch Whisky master blends carefully two maybe finest blends, Grain Whisky and Aged Malt Whisky are blended together making this one of the best and top quality Scotch.

This is whiskey that gives you a fine pleasant taste which cannot be rushed!

Regionale Edeldistillen is extremely proud of its luxury label – Shackleton Blend Scotch Whisky, a vintage and smooth luxury scotch.

Mackinlay’s Shackleton Blend Scotch Whisky

Exceptional and exquisite brand promises to be a rare blend for those who have developed a taste for the better things in life.

They take pride in knowing the difference between the fine and the penultimate. And, more importantly, take time to savor their choicest indulgences, leisurely.”

Tasting Notes Of Shackleton Blend Scotch Whisky

This truly masterpiece blend having deep golden and bright color and in same time you can experience truly noble bouquet of luscious malty tones and rich velvety textures with a hint of sherry in the background.

Palate is rounded and mellow complex quixotic flavors with an equilibrium of individual malt and grain whiskies and silky soft tones that dance on the tongue, Leaving the taste luxurious smooth and long, a testament to the malt & grain whiskies which have spent years in oak casks & vats.