Rochefort 8 Beer

Type: Beer

Size/Volume: 6 x 330ml

Country Of Orgin: Belgium

Brand: Rochefort

Strength: 9.2 % Vol

Price: 29.95 £

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Belgian brewers seem to love bottle caps. Rochefort uses a different cap color for each beer (this is the green cap; Rochefort 6 is red). 

Ultra-rare Westvleteren does away with labels entirely, using caps as the sole source of external information.

Taste Of Rochefort 8 Beer

Flavors and aromas This is a difficult beer to assess, with two of three bottles exhibiting a deep, sour funk—our third bottle finally showed some of the dark sugars and spices one might expect from a traditional dark Belgian ale.

Dark caramels, sassafras, and light fruity esters mingle with moderately apparent alcohol and very mild cider vinegar notes.

The finish is a bit hot and has a touch of sweetness not present in the palate.

Spices outweigh esters here, and this is an intensely warming beer.