Remy Martin XO Excellence

Type: Cognac

Size/Volume: 700 ml

Country Of Orgin: France

Brand: Rémy Martin

Strength: 40 % Vol

Price: 114.99 £

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The Remy Martin XO Excellence is one of a kind among the Champagnes. It holds forth on all its promise of rich aromas, a fine taste, and a lingering finish. The company is right, this is the taste of excellence.

One of the finest champagne that ever crossed the borders of France (or even Cognac for that matter), the Remy Martin XO Excellence is one of a kind. A fine blend of 85% Grande champagne and 15% Petite champagne, the XO is no less than a luxury.

Remy Martin has been producing Cognac fine champagne since early 17th Century (1724 to be precise) and through the decades, wines have come and gone but the standard and reputation of the company has remained intact. Even when Rémy Cointreau took over the brand, the standard was maintained.

Sip the Remy Martin XO Excellence, it is quite the journey!

The fiery mahogany liquid in its round crystal like bottle holds promise of an ancient experience. Open it and let the alcohol breathe for about 30 minutes, and then pour yourself a glass, watch the clear fluid almost dance on the crystal daring you to take a swig.

The velvet texture of the Rémy Martin XO Excellence Champagne is what makes it quite popular.

The company calls it the taste of excellence, and eventually you will agree that isn’t quite far from the mark.

At the first whiff, you almost get lost in a maze of fruity and spicy aromas, how long can you resist that tempting an invite? Then the first sip; here the experience begins. The longer you hold it in your mouth, the deeper the taste gets, talk about teasing the taste buds.

Cinnamon, ripe oranges, fig, jasmine different tasters have sighted different flavors within that first sip. Why stop there? Take another. Or you can enjoy the lingering velvety rich finish, before you dive in your glass again.

The Remy Martin XO Sale Price

The XO Excellence is said to be a blend 300 cognacs (some of the finest from the Rémy Martin collection are used to give this rich velvety texture). Perhaps, it is the use of all the fine and delicate Champagnes that makes the XO slightly expensive. However, the journey that a single sip can take you on almost seems worth it.

Definitely if you can afford it, then XO Excellence is a bottle to be saved for the special occasions (And no, your mother in-law’s death doesn’t count).

When you pay for the XO it is not just the round bottle you pay for but the brand and the history that comes with it. As it is those little things that make it a complete Remy Martin experience, one that you will cherish and even long for.

Since it is aged for almost 37 years, the XO Excellence is quite a rare delicacy. 

So dump all the filth you have been drinking in the name of fine Champagne and have a sip of the Remy Martin XO Excellence; you will wait for the occasions you can drink it.

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