Red Label Whisky By Johnnie Walker

Type: Whisky

Size/Volume: 700ml

Country Of Orgin: Scotland

Brand: John Walker & Sons

Strength: 40 % Vol

Price: 26.99 £

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Red Label Whisky by Johnnie Walker continues to be one of world’s favourite Scotch Whisky’s. With a high quality background that dates back in 1820 when John Walker himself was bottling and selling whisky in his grocery store.

Later his son, Alexander Walker, who began the inheritance that has made Johnnie Walker the iconic name in whisky world that it is today.

Red Label Whisky has its first presentation in 1909 and contains an expert blend of 35 grain and malt whiskies to produce a whiskey ideally suited for mixing.

Johnnie Walker Red Label was the favourite brand of whisky of UK prime minister Winston Churchill who loved it blended with Soda.

Walker’s family strove to make Red Label Whisky the world’s favourite brand and they didn’t give up until they achieved that goal. Today Red label is becoming one of the world’s first truly global brands.

Bold and Vibrant taste Of Red label Whisky

Red Label Whisky is today one of the world’s best-selling Scotch Whisky. It’s well know for its bold, characterful taste, nicely balanced to stand out even when its mixed.

Flavour of Red Label has never been compromised.By using encyclopedic knowledge of Scotland’s single malts to create a blend with unprecedented but again universal appeal.

As a final result of that, Red Label became the world’s number one whisky, that position it still holds today. Specially made for an export market with a taste for long, refreshing drinks, it’s the label that built the Walker business, and the brand that defined the whisky business.Blending is part art and partialy science – skill the Walker family refine over many generations.

Red Label Whisky with its blend of light whiskies from Scotland’s east coast and dark and peaty whiskies from the west coast, creates a a unique mixture with an uncommon depth of flavour. Taste of Red Label travels right across your palate to deliver a excellence of flavour that no ordinary whisky can match. Character of Red label whisky is defined by intense, spicy, zingy, edgy flavours.

This whisky bursts onto the palate with the freshness of spray from a crashing wave, followed by the zing of aromatic spices and finally a long, lingering, smoky finish. The sensation in the mouth is complex – ‘sweet chilli’ is a good description of this taste and the tingling sensation on the tongue.

Brand combines distinctiveness, passion and character with style and personality. Finishes with mossy peat, wet stone, and pepper on the long warming fade. Very solid with quite good dimension and balance.

Red Label is a timeless classic brand of whisky and that creates a the problem. It is the problem as Johnnie’s parent company Diageo sees it, because timeless classic whiskies generally are not viewed favorably by those in the 25-35 age ranges.

Those kind of whisky are no Fireball, so in order to make red label more hip to the times and increase sales Red Label Whisky has being given a redesign and a slick marketing campaign that including some television commercials aimed directly at the hipster youth of the world.

As it is those little things that make it a complete Red label experience, one that you will cherish and even long for.