Mozart Black Chocolate Liqueur

Type: Liqueurs

Size/Volume: 500 ml

Country Of Orgin: Austria

Brand: Mozart Spirits

Strength: 17 % Vol

Price: 14.99 £

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Mozart Black Chocolate Liqueur is one such name that is not only superior in quality but excellent in taste as well.

Liqueurs are usually sweetened concoctions of alcohol flavored with a number of ingredients like cream, fruits or chocolate.

Enjoyed usually after a meal it makes an ideal drink for the after dinner lounge experience. Among all flavored liqueurs chocolate remains the favorite with Mozart liqueur Chocolate Pure Black Liqueur proving the favorite the world over.

Chocolate flavored liqueurs come in a number of varieties categorized as a crème liqueur and consisting of pure dark chocolate or chocolate essence added to spirits having a neutral base. As chocolate is heavier than spirits, thus to prevent it from separating, glycerin is added to the mixture.

Mozart spirits was conceived 150 years ago in Austria by the Koenig family in tribute to the hero of Salzburg, Mozart.  

The company named Mozart distillery, excelled in the art of chocolate liqueurs to become the market leader with the launch of their most famous brand, Mozart Chocolate Pure Black liqueur.

It is served over ice, in coffee or simply as an aperitif after dinner.

Features of Mozart Black Chocolate Liqueur

Liqueurs are usually categorized as white milk and dark chocolate; however it is the dark chocolate variety that is much in demand due to its sinful creamy taste and combination of chocolate and sweetened spirits.

Austria’s Mozart black, redefines excellence in this category, with its ultra smooth taste produced from superior quality ingredients.

Mozart liqueur black consists of 87% of pure finest cocoa macerate derived from a combination of cocoa and bourbon vanilla. The mixture is allowed to macerate for a month using pure oak barrels for the purpose.

The alcohol content is derived from pure sugarcane distillate, which makes up for 20% of the mixture.

Mozart liqueur black uses only the finest cocoa blended from a combination of verities like forastero of west Africa and Trintario from the Caribbean. The bourbon vanilla is of superior quality imported from Madagascar.

The oaken barrels enhance the liqueur, giving it the tartly and smoky flavor.

Mozart black chocolate liqueur is most famous for its smoky flavor due to the traditional use of oak barrels, which keep the mixture macerating for a long time. Mozart black is excellent for a concoction of various exotic cocktails.

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