Lord’s Rocks’ Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Type: Whiskey Rocks

Size/Volume: 1.35 pounds

Country Of Orgin: US


Strength: -

Price: 24.45 £

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Nothing certainly beats a glass of whiskey served into perfect. This is most especially when it has the right cool temperature.

You just could not help but drink it bit by bit. Unlike in the past, drinking whiskey has become so much more enjoyable thanks to cold stones.

Lord’s Rocks’ Whiskey Stones Gift Set always come in when the topic of cold stones surfaces. The set, which offers six natural granite whiskey rocks, has become a favorite when chilling beverages. But if you are unconvinced by its prowess, then make sure to read this detailed review.

Features To Look At Whiskey Stones

  • Better Ice Stones – The keyword here is “better” – and it will always be. Lord’s Rocks delivers excellence by using pure natural granite topped with premium craftsmanship. This makes these whiskey chilling stones superior to others. But hey, the Whiskey Stones Gift Set comes with two crystal whiskey shot glasses, making the overall presentation top-notch.
  • Crystal Clear – Do you have a home bar and you want to up its aesthetic appeal? Or perhaps you own a bar and you simply want to catch the attention of your guests? This set is right for you. The added whiskey shot glasses are enough to complete your set-up. And with the whiskey stones, you can set the right tone for the drinking experience.
  • Great Gift – Are you planning to give someone after being promoted at work? Did one of your friends just tie the knot? Or maybe you just want to show your appreciation to a friend or family member? Regardless of the celebration, you can never go wrong with Lord’s Rocks’ Whiskey Stones Gift Set.
  • Boost The Experience – No one wants to drink a whiskey that has been watered down. So why not steer clear from this kind of experience and use this cold stones for your drinks from now on? Whether you are a bourbon or whiskey love, you will start to appreciate the enjoyment you can get from your beverage without watering it down.

Should You Buy It?

The Whiskey Stones Gift Set from Lord’s Rocks is definitely a must-have. It is like the missing puzzle piece to your whiskey adventure. Not just that, though. It can complement your home bar with the added crystal clear whiskey glasses.

More importantly, this set comes with a 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee from Lord’s Rocks. In other words, you will not lose anything. You can easily request for a full replacement or refund.