Bacardi Gold Rum

Type: Rum

Size/Volume: 700 ml

Country Of Orgin: Bahamas

Brand: Bacardi

Strength: 37.5 % Vol

Price: 25.70 £

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This harsh taste Bacardi Gold rum is absolutely repugnant straight. It has the aroma of unleaded and tastes like diesel. I first tried it straight on the rocks, and there are no words to describe how bad this rum is straight.

I could feel it numbing my brain…not in a good way. This rum is so bad straight, I wouldn’t drink it with George Bush’s lips. We then tried it with Pepsi One hoping to take some of the harshness away.

It did soften it some, but this rum does not bring a lot of flavor to the table. Certainly not one of my favorites, but I would definitely drink it before a lot of the well drinks out there.

Bacardi Gold Rum is the staple of every bar on earth. One thing you can guarantee hearing at one point in the night, “Bacardi and Coke please.” Tasting it straight on the rocks is a bit difficult to handle.

After mixing with Diet and lime, it reminds you of those college days when you felt like you were stepping up in the world and not ordering the bargain basement rum.