Grey Goose Vodka, Flying High.

Type: Vodka

Size/Volume: 700ml

Country Of Orgin: France

Brand: Grey Goose

Strength: 40 % Vol

Price: 36.95 £

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Grey Goose Vodka originated in France is made with the finest ingredients.

It has received quite a lot of praise for its fine taste and rich flavors, including the Platinum Medal.  It has beaten even scotch on the market.   It is easily available at online alcohol selling websites.

The Grey Goose, and no this does not refer to black swan’s cousin flocking Cognac, a town in France.

Though not that far from the mark, this refers to Grey Goose Vodka named after the revered bird of that town (they actually have a geese fest to celebrate the birds).

Designed specifically for the American market in 1997, today Grey Goose has warmed more throats than the owner (a Mr. Sidney Frank, who later sold it to Bacardi) or anyone could have imagined.

Then again, what more can be expected from one of the best French discoveries. (Other French discoveries include: Aspirin, the taxi, bicycle and obviously Champagne to name a few)

Grey Goose Vodka: The Art Of Making Vodka

Made out of the finest golden French wheat and the sweet natural spring water (naturally filtered by champagne limestone, everything about it has an alcoholic name).

It is not just the ingredients, they are the prime source of delicacy in Grey Goose Vodka, the smooth and clean taste comes from a carefully calculated five step double distillation process (done in Cognac) it is the end resulting smooth, fine liquid which is bottled and sold, and then praised in bars and gatherings.

The best tasting vodka in the world to quote the Chicago Beverage testing Institute and the only one to be awarded the Platinum Medal by the Beverage Testing Institute. But why brag, you have tasted Grey Goose; you know how supremely divine the experience is.

The Famous taste and Flavors

Even after almost 15 years of market dominance, the sweet berry like taste of Grey Goose Vodka still rules the top spot. Online alcohol websites, like Discount Liquor Online  have Grey Goose on their most sold lists.

Looking at the website’s wide range of available alcoholic products, everything from the Jack Daniel’s Black (duty free shops usually ran out of them the quickest) to Camus XO Cognac, one wonders: what is so special about Grey Goose?

It could be the smooth texture, which flows as easily as a glass of water. Maybe it is the 40% alcohol content which only has 60 calories per ounce, keeping it easy on the waist lines. Perhaps it is the pretty grey bottle, beauty does sell the quickest.

The reasons are plenty but the bottom line is the same: Grey Goose is a great drink.

And then there are the flavors, oh the mouth-watering flavors: Le Citron (lemon), L’Orange (orange) La Poire (French Pear) and La Vanilla (this one is pretty clear) remain the most popular on the market among the many flavored vodka.

Well if the corner liquor store doesn’t have Grey Goose or it’s cousins in stock and the wallet is a little too light for a trip to a bar. 

Next time you have a party, make sure the bar is stocked with every variety of Grey Goose Vodka. Certainly won’t be a dull party.