Grey Goose Vodka with a Punch of Lemon

Type: Vodka

Size/Volume: 700 ml

Country Of Orgin: France

Brand: Grey Goose

Strength: 40 % Vol

Price: 34.99 £

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One of the finest vodka’s in the world, the Grey Goose Lemon Vodka is the best drink to be served on special occasions. It combines the world renowned flavours of lemon tree leaves with that of the citrus flowers to give the best experience to you and your guests!

Grey Goose le Citron flavored vodka’s main ingredients are lemons of the highest quality, that are grown in Brazil, Argentina and the Menton region of France.

Grey Goose is reverentially referred to as the world’s best tasting Vodka and is also its tagline. The concentrated lemons form a citrus oil complex extract for preserving the bright flavors alongwith retaining hints of lemon tree leaf and citrus flower flavors that linger.

Grey Goose Lemon Vodka promises a captivating vodka experience where superior ingredients, artistry of the French distillers and a unique distilling process combine to bring out a smooth and wonderful taste.

Country Of Origin Grey Goose Lemon Vodka

Grey Goose is made with French craftsmanship that carries forward the French tradition of excellence, passion and quality. These are the same values that create the best luxury goods in the whole world.

Grey Goose is an epitome of these cherished values by combining uncompromising attention towards details with the most fine and natural ingredients in order to create a benchmark setting spirit.

Grey Goose is made from only the finest natural ingredients, first of which is the finest soft winter wheat grown by farmer families for generations in France’s Picardy region.

The particular wheat that goes into the making of Grey Goose is Class I blé panifiable supérieur ( in simpler words ‘superior bread making wheat’) which is the same wheat that goes into the making of the renowned French pastries and bread.

The next defining ingredient that goes into Grey Goose is the purest water that has been naturally filtered through the limestone of Grande Champagne in the springs of Gensac.

This is natural water of pristine purity is untouched by humans and pollutants, as it is obtained by an artesian bore that draws from an aquifer, which is 500 feet below the ground level.

This gives it a taste that is quite discerning to the connoisseur. All these combine to give a flawless finish.

The vodka artisans who create Goose Lemon Vodka exercise due diligence and their expertise shine through to create exemplary vodka meticulously graduated through a five stage distillation process.

Grey Goose Lemon Vodka comes in a distinctive bottle made of frosted glass and it is adorned with an impressionist painting, which depicts the flavors inside; and it peeks through a flying goose silhouette.