Glenfiddich 12 YO Special Reserve

Type: Single Malt

Size/Volume: 700 ml

Country Of Orgin: UK

Brand: Glenfiddich

Strength: 40% Vol

Price: 31.99 £

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After 12 years, the Glenfiddich Single malt whiskey is certainly one of the best in the category. The distinctive fruity smell and the butterscotch and cream palate makes it a must-have product.

If you are an ardent lover of single malt whiskey then one of the premier names that must be in your tasting glass is Glenfiddich 12 Year Old. Tagged as the pioneer in the Scotch whiskey category, it has won more awards than any other brands.

What makes the signature Scotch whiskey brand special is the fact that it is slowly matured in oak casks for over 12 years. The casks are of super high quality and assure that the whiskey develops the complexity and the elegancy that is associated with the brand.

The flavors are all round fresh and subtle. Distinctively tasting of pear, the whiskey is delicately balanced with other elements such as malt, oak, and cream. Additionally, the butterscotch taste can also be noted.

The use of such range of ingredients makes the scotch a blend of surprises for the first timer. But the balance of flavor is exceptionally reached by the manufacturers who maintain a smooth and mellow flow of Scotch without any one of the ingredients overpowering the others.

Awards of Recognition for Glenfiddich 12

As mentioned before, the single malt whiskey has won a number of awards worldwide and is known for its light bodied and fruity smell. In recent times, it has won the Gold Medal 2012 at the International Spirits Challenge 2012 and the Silver Outstanding Medal 2012 at the International Wine and Spirit Competition.

That is not all!

Throughout the years, it has won several awards in several competitions and few of the most memorable ones are the 2011 Gold Award at the International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2011 Silver at the International Spirit Challenge, and many more.

Tasting Notes

Though we have already stated how it tastes, let us now break down the structure of the wine and understand how our senses react to it. For the nose, opening a bottle of this wonderful Single Malt Whiskey might smell fruity with the smell of the pear most dominant.

Accompanying the freshness of the pear smell is other sweet aroma of the sweet honey and vanilla accompanied by the smokiness of the straw fire. Once you taste the malt, the sweetness gives way to smooth taste of the oak that makes it more complex in character.

Though there are too much aroma and flavors, you will never get distracted while sipping a glass of the scotch malt.

As you finish the tasting, the sweetness and the fruitiness lingers on your tongue.

All in all, sipping on a glass of Glenfiddich 12 Year Old is an experience that is hard to be forgotten. So, if you love your Scotch single malt whiskey to be smooth and fruity then do not miss this premier product, often voted as the best-in-class product from the premier brand.

Priced at around 30 GBP, it is pricey but worth every penny spent.