Absolut Vodka 1L

Type: Vodka

Size/Volume: 1000 ml

Country Of Orgin: Sweden

Brand: Absolut

Strength: 40 % Vol

Price: 20.00 £

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Brand of Absolut Vodka is widely known and widely spread vodka. Country of origin is Sweden, to be precise it cames from a little town called Ahus and since 1879 itrepresents the kind of very distinctive product for Sweden.

Founder of Absolut brand was Lars Olson Smith, whole his life he struggled for making this brand to world as recognizable product. All until his death in 1917 when he passed away in poverty.

In later years state was able to nationalize this brand, but today this brand is owned by French Group “Pernod Ricard” which currently sitting as the 3rd largest liquor distributor in the world and just brand name is estimated on several billion US Dollars.

Vodka Absolute is distilled from Swedish winter wheat using a continuous distillation technique.

And it is important to say that is made from natural ingredients and what is also important that sugar is not added during its production which makes it with fewer calories.

Vodka Absolut is clean soft and very rich drink with grain aroma which contains 40 percent of alcohol/80 proof.

Absolute comes in several flavor varieties such as: apple, peach, lemon, orange, mandarin, pear, etc.

We cant simply ignore contribution of sculptors who created design of bottle which is unique brand of art, shown both on their bottle and at venues.

Absolut Vodka has come a long way, and it shows through the media and the recognition of their name by everyone.

Absolut vodka is a perfect choice for a lot of people as a Vodka Mixed Drinks and Vodka Cocktails.

Absolut Vodka – Tasting Notes:

Absolut Vodka will really light up your taste buds in mouth. At first it doesn’t have an unpleasant initial taste but it does have sort of disinfecting feeling on the tongue.

It is very noticeable going down and leaves a pretty harsh hard alcohol taste long after the drink is finished.

You will immediately feel the burn of the alcohol on the back of your throat. Vodka Absolut have a very strong taste profile and it will leave you a pretty bitter taste on the back of your tongue.

But if you look at the facts about Vodka Absolut , you’ll notice that each bottle is made with 2 lbs of winter wheat per 750ml bottle, which is quite a lot of wheat.

This fact is most probably the main reason why Vodka Absolut leaves such a strong taste in your mouth.

Conclusion made only to taste alone brings the fact that Absolut isn’t bad at all, but if you like a smooth and gentler vodka then there are better choices for you.

Absolut price may varies from 20 GBP to 35 GBP for one liter bottle (34 oz) which depends on the variants and countries.